Private consultation

My private surgery is the right place for a discreet consultation or a wrinkle treatment with botox or hyaluronic acid (JUVEDERM). On  Tuesday afternoons, Wednesday nights, and Friday mornings  I can receive you in Nieuwenrode. You can make an appointment through the online agenda or by phone. 


Molenstraat 76
1880 Kapelle-op-den-Bos (Nieuwenrode)
0473/92 29 61

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Medipolis Antwerp

All esthetic interventions can be performed in this state of the art private clinic. The operation theaters have a S3 qualification which is the highest level.

Interventions under general and local anesthesia can be performed here.

If you wish an appointment you can make one through the website or by phone.


Boomsesteenweg 223
2610 Wilrijk
03 828 29 49


Saint Joseph hospital Willebroek

Reimbursable interventions are performed at the Sint-Jozef Kliniek, campus Willebroek. Consultations on Tuesday mornings every two weeks. Appointments: 03/ 860.32.15. The interventions take place the other Thursdays.


Campus Willebroek

Tisseltsesteenweg 27
2830 Willebroek
03/860 32 15